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is the business of Domaining, sharing

as OpenBusiness or even ExtremeOpenBusiness, with the goal of CreatingAndSharingWealth for and within online-communities.

As infra-structure to support such a venture there are specialized (revenue-sharing) online-communities, who are devoted to Domaining within communities, such as



Domaining shows up as a hot topic on YouTube currently you get ca 25900 hits, when searching for "domaining", i.e. the art of evaluating, appraising, developing, buying, selling, marketing domains, domain-concepts, domain-tools or even fully fleshed Websites.

Why wiki-technology for Social Domaining

One of the problems with domaining forums consists in handling the queue of sell announcements ... If you watch the transactions there, you see a lot of other problems, concerned with updating and linking to a transaction- or a common concepts language database, which could be easier handled with a CommunityWiki:LinkLanguage adapted to domains. See [AboutusOrg:DomainLinkLanguage].

Anyhow even with this obsolete technology, such communities offer already internal mechanisms to ease the trading: from a reputation system (similar to Ebay), via Adsense sharing, to an internal currency (NP$, DN$) that reduces transaction costs.

Wikis, offering additional technological and social infrastructure, can complement established forum communities.

Benefits of Social Domaining

SocialDomaining serves as a monetization tool (especially for the CreativeCommons) to produce (shared) income for creating public licensed stuff, bound to domain-names, sold to risk-capital entrepreneurs or even sponsors.

So SocialDomaining appears to be one concretization of <-> CreatingAndSharingWealth in form of OpenBusiness or even ExtremeOpenBusiness.

To serve this idea, the author initiated a portal-page on AboutusOrg and a DiigoGroup, with links found there.

-- FridemarPache


FridemarPache: I am pondering on a generalizable WikiNomics idea to offer my domains of my Public Domain Portfolio to friendly and constructive RealName wikizens (or other similar qualified online community members), based on trust.

I.e. if some person (Wikinomical Co Entrepreneur) is interested to contribute conceptual, marketing or other work in public to some domain x, collaborating with the current domain owner (Wikinomical Start Entrepreneur), they get the domain x freely transferred to their own portfolio as a public transaction, costing the co-entrepreneur zero dollars as a kind of <->MicroTransaction paid in the currency of good will. Now both entrepreneurs share the same interest to add conceptional/market value into the shared domain, provided that the co-entrepreneur pledges and documents in public to share the total gain in equal parts, when s/he sells the domain also as a public transaction.

As a real prototype take the risk sharing between AaronPoeze and FridemarPache on the domains ExtremeOpenBusiness. -- FridemarPache


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