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The term WikiNomics is built from "wiki + economics" and assumes special economic forms based on wiki use.

The basic ideas were formulated in the bestseller "WikiNomics -How Mass Collaboration Changes Everything" by Don Tapscott and Anthony D. Williams", published 2006, dedicated to "our children ... " with the hope "that it helps our generation open up the economy to yours", the real promise remains to be elaborated in wiki communities and beyond.

Although WikiNomics is marshalled as the new Economics of the 21th century, based on Wiki Culture ..., what about a community of wikizens, who realize to FosterEachOther embracing the economical sense.

Although you find a wiki, where the principles of peer-production could be applied to the publishing process http://www.socialtext.net/wikinomics/index.cgi?wikinomics and the sharing of income, it doesn't appear realizing it.

Although it doesn't act as OpenBusiness, let alone ExtremeOpenBusiness yet, it may be a step into this direction, when peer-producers share inspiration, work and fun in public.

But what about actually sharing revenue or at least collaborating to find new models of work and revenue sharing?

Please correct, if I have missed something.

Contributors: FridemarPache


FridemarPache (FP): I have registered for that wiki, and recommend wikizens from here and everywhere to join. Has somebody made their first experiences there?

AaronPoeze [AP]: I have found the rules and the license. The license is CC NonCommercial? Share Alike. It is not made clear the essentials of this wiki like who benefits, the owners, the maintainers. However from the final GodKing overrule and the book-centricity it's clear that this wiki is designed to support the book sales. I have also not read the book nor know the authors. It's definitely not a site I feel compelled to be involved in.

FP: Aaron, I just detected MarkDilley at [WikiNomics:MartinCleaver] and defended his position against a writer, who is only interested in ideas and concepts for the Chapter 11 and not in persons, who contributed. Here my quote from there:

"Daaberg, I agree with you and MarkDilley, that ideas (and concepts and goods and services based on this stuff) are the most important elements of Wiki Culture and WikiNomics. But you won't find intelligent and creative authors, if you deprive them of their AuthorCredit as given by their RealName -signed contributions, connected to their WikiHomepage. I know MarkDilley since the first historical wiki (i.e. WardsWiki) as an excellent contributor to Wiki Culture (WikiIndex, AboutusOrg). He is right: suppressing WikiHomepages is not compatible with Wiki, it looks as in this case Wiki is abused as an idea/concept/content- harvesting tool, that deters authors, in whose ideas we all are interested. And we all are interested, that this WikiNomics wiki is prospering, aren't we. -- FridemarPache (Amplified webwide under the title AuthorCreditEssentialForWikiNomics)". [AmpliFy:AuthorCreditEssentialForWikiNomics]

FP: Inviting friendly and constructive builders, practitioners and antagonists of Wikinomics. If you want to see Meatball on the top ten of Google:WikiNomics, we need more engagement. Otherwise only people, who might never have contributed any line to a wiki, might rip off the economical value of wikis, laughing at the industrious wikizens, who are unaware of this game.

HelmutLeitner: I don't understand the overdefinition of terms. Wiki is rarely mass collaboration. But it is easy to consider a small oder medium-sized network of professionals using wiki for business. On the other hand, Why should we use wiki alone for VirtualBusiness?? We have a variety of online tools at hand! Shouldn't we use a best selection, fitting the job at hand?

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FridemarPache -- Fri Aug 28 15:07:48 2009

Helmut, which tools do you have in your mind? Clearly currently wiki does produce "rarely mass collaboration" and there are surely problems in connection with this (as I see it, an unstoppable) development: Wiki:BrainsAsaCheapCommodity. But that's exactly why I think, that it is important to make it aware, helping each other to FosterEachOther in building self-organizing small or medium-sized networks.

HelmutLeitner -- Sat Aug 29 07:59:16 2009

Fridemar, it's not important what exact tool it is. Any day may offer something new. Friends of mine use any mix of platforms like FaceBook, Xing, Ning, Flickr, yahoo groups, usenet, youtube, twitter, ..., whatever you like (AboutusOrg), for their projects. So, if someone wants to create IncomeForParticipants?, he is well-advised to use all that's available for his VirtualBusiness?, not just a wiki. The term WikiNomics seems to me painfully wrong.

Helmut, I am in resonance with your main part, yes I use and love all those platform tools together, but I love wiki as an integrative tool and a lifestyle most of all, see [AboutusOrg: WikiWayOfLife]. The term WikiNomics appears to me joyfully right. So this cognitive and emotional difference shows a SoundConflict, that hopefully leads to many friendly and constructive interactions, reducing pain and increasing wisdom. -- FridemarPache

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