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I introduced myself on RecentVisitors thus:

January 22 2006 AndyRoberts - Hi, I use mediawiki for [ukcider wiki] and [DARwiki] and I've arrived here to get some ideas about BarnRaising.

So I'm interested not just in wiki communities but in distributed communities generally, whether on mailing lists, usenet, blogosphere or whatever. And particularly communities of practice.

I'm currently located in London, UK and I blog mainly at http://distributedresearch.net/blog/

Recently finished a BA honours degree in Learning, technology and research(IT), writing a validation and defense module as a wiki, handed in as such. Found few precedents of ThesisOnaWiki?

Currently learning about Drupal and have installed an instance at http://distributedresearch.net/drupal which you are invited to join and administer

Feel free to write any comments next door at AndyRobertsDiscuss



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