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I need to understand how wikis function because I have the vision for a holistic-inspired version of Wikipedia, and I love the notion of "barn-raising". I still have a lot of homework to do first, however, I have the vision of hippie grandparents in wheelchairs behind their computers, bringing together the best of holistic visions, work, self-help, holistic medicine, etc etc, so that all the wisdom can be crunched together into a global user-friendly wiki format. I think we are going to need this, in the years to come, to heal the planet.

I stumbled into Meatball while exploring "Wiki + holistic" and this page will get edited as I learn the text formatting and other protocols of courtesy. I have a website http://www.dragonflytrust.org.uk/ which is as yet very little used but I believe in it and I'd like to be able in the future to convert it - or at least the Forum part - to a wiki format. Right now the whole website needs revising ...

Welcome dear Anne in the community of communities. After visiting your website, I feel that we all share the same spirit of mutual help and understanding. It would be a pity, if we didn't join forces. -- FridemarPache

Welcome too! You may want to check out CommunityWiki, as the community there may be conducive when exploring your early ideas. -- ChrisPurcell



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