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The community wiki is about communities. (Doh!)

The wiki is CopyLeft.

Additional features:

  1. It is a MultilingualWiki
  2. It uses NearLinks to MeatballWiki
  3. It shares some contributors with Meatball

See also MeatballAlternatives.


One thing I'm thinking of doing with a WikiGateway-based WikiClient would be to make a client which would show the same page in MeatballWiki and CommunityWiki, in two side-by-side panels. This would match the interface to my conception of "one 'wiki', but, with two corpuses of text which must remain separate due to copyright reasons" (I don't have much time for these projects this year, though, so don't expect anything soon unless you want to do it..) (this idea was discussed on another page somewhere; anyone have the link?) -- BayleShanks

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