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AssumeNotDogmatism can be a helpful paradigm in online communities: It allows emphatic, yet friendly expression, however without assuming fixed dogmatism. This allows the community to express its feelings in less restricted formality, however (as advocated by the initial author) adhering to NonviolentCommunication.

As corollary of AssumeGoodFaith this assumption lessens the burden of DefendAgainstPassion.

Newcomers in a community are exposed to certain CommunityExpectations such as willingness to friendly and constructively interacting with peers, sensing and giving feedback, primarily in actions of social symmetry.

A Case Study at [WikiCreole] showcases this paradigm:

 ''"I'm not "giving up" and I definitely didn't want to force 
 you to give up. I'm just not going to argue blindly for my idea 
 of how Creole should look like -- I realized I was doing this 
 for the last several months, basically repeating the same 
 arguments over and over. This is sudden because it comes out of 
 a sudden realization, not because it's an act of emotional 

So AssumeNotDogmatism might contribute to a more friendly and constructive atmosphere.

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JuanmaMP -- Mon Aug 31 14:48:17 2009

[Copypaste by me, with some pruning in other time]: FridemarPache (F): This page helps to foster friendly collaboration, thank you.

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