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 Hello out there,

 Just another wiki enthusiast. 

 I am a chemistry [licentiate] currently working in University Computer Labs from Spain

 My focuses are wikis based on Perl, see UseMod:JuanmaMP



Juanma, a hearty welcome in the community -- FridemarPache (F)

Hello Juanma, nice to see you here too and thanks for trying out the 1.0.1 version of usemod -- MarkusLude

Thanks for the welcome -- JuanmaMP

Hello, Juan Manuel, and welcome to the community. -- NathanielThurston

Juanma, welcome, it's great to see a new face. :-) I was a chemist in a former life. I wrote ProWiki, a perl derivatice of UseMod, which happens to have an inbuilt Spanish translation. :-) Seems, we should have a similar wave-length. -- HelmutLeitner

Helmut, indeed, over a lifetime (in the Western world), gives you time to several lives, so we had the same shift from chemistry to computer science. The travel can transform our goal (in regard to jobs, too); considering the "vocatio" as bidirectional, trying to shape our job, our work also shapes us.

I downloaded ProWiki some time ago. Really it is a vast development. To be honest, it is more difficult for me.
I didn't know that it has an inbuilt Spanish translation ... I like the UseMod family software.

Thanks to both for the welcome, Nathaniel and Helmut, you are very kind. -- JuanmaMP



F: You might wonder, why I attribute names to the ShortDigest. It is the merit of ChrisPurcell, who convinced me, that this is a good practice and even to complete entries of my fellow writers with their names. So I try to fit the guidelines in the "Therefore" part (not always perfectly), when I write my Digest entries, sometimes adapting the often not attributed and plain English parts of my peers. But who dares say that to Sunir, hey, hey ... :-)

J: I think it is more readable when the content is near to conversation but also in general, attributing names. I'm with you.

F: Juanma, did you receive an invite to GoogleWave? I am also interested to participate. BTW do you have a FaceBook account?

J: Fridemar, no, but I do not mind tell you when it happen. In regard to FaceBook, we have wp-mu at job , with add-ons that automate publishing on twitter and FaceBook, thus increasing visibility. Please, tell me if you're interested in more details.

F: Juanma, yes please. Do you have a personal Twitter account, to RT you?


JuanmaMP -- Sun Oct 4 18:24:55 2009

J:Fridemar, I have little activity on TwitteR & FaceBook in the personal sphere, anyway approx. [Google:JuanmaMP]

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