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What you open yourself up to when you delve into HomeAutomation. When you have your heating, cooling, lighting and the like, all under the control of a zapper, computer or whatever, someone with access to that controller can control your house. X10, for example, works from any controller, so if you get yourself an X10 controller and go to someone's house, you can turn on and off everything that person has connected. This is only of annoyance value, but if you have your furnace and air conditioner connected via your computer, and someone hacks into your computer, that person can have them fight it out, turning the battle off long enough before you get home so that you wouldn't know the difference until you receive your bill at the end of the month.

Or would that be BoilerCracking?, and BoilerHacking be PervasiveComputing? --DaveJacoby

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