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During WikiSym, ChristophSauer, JanneJalkanen, WardCunningham and ChuckSmith held a five-hour workshop where a new common wiki markup was agreed upon based on looking at the markup of popular wikis as well as deciding what would be intuitive. The conclusion was not to replace wiki markup, but rather to provide an alternative way to edit wikis, so that visitors of a new wiki engine will feel more welcome. Several wiki engines have agreed to jump on board (including the Ward's original WikiWikiWeb).

Although we do not say how to implement Creole for a particular wiki engine, two possibilities would be to have a separate edit button, using placeholders to hide advanced native wiki markup from users or if possible to have a mixed edit where users could use Creole as well as native markup which would then be translated to the native markup.

The WikiCreole wiki (www.wikicreole.org) was set up to continue the discussion and work.

Starting points:

CategoryWikiTechnology CategoryWikiStandard

Perhaps as my last bit of BenevolentDictatorship, I've added MeatballWiki and InfiniteMonkey as potential supporters. Tacit support is not the same as actual implementation, but it's better to be as helpful as we can be than a stick in the mud. -- SunirShah


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