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I am a SupplyChain? Analyst for a global manufacturing company trying to build a collaborative work environment that is easy to use and fairly universal.

Welcome to Meatball! -- ChrisPurcell

Welcome, Cliff. -- SunirShah

Thanks ... Can someone tell me what is the best Wiki Software? Presently we are using WxWikiServer v.1.6.RC11 but it is a very minimal environment. It did a great job of getting us started but now we want to do more, and bring regular people on-board along with the "techies" that understand all this. We have looked at MediaWiki, and several hosted Wiki's but would like to keep the pages on our side of the firewall.

Thanks is advance,


Hello! I don't want to start a flame war, but from my personal experience the best wiki software is the one you write or at least modify by your own -- with assumption that you actually know what you're doing. If you are willing to stay with the second-best, you can take a look at the ever-helpful http://wikimatrix.org and pick one that fits your requirements best. Of course, you first need to have some requirements prepared. I hope that helps -- RadomirDopieralski

I'm a big fan of PmWiki for behind the firewall these days. -- SunirShah



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