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URIs don't change: people change them.


Essay by TimBernersLee about why AtomWiki:UniversalResourceIdentifiers should remain constant and prevent Wiki:LinkRot.

MeatballWiki itself is not immune to Tim's criticisms:

There is a crazy notion that pages produced by scripts have to be located in a "cgibin" or "cgi" area. This is exposing the mechanism of how you run your server. You change the mechanism (even keeping the content the same ) and whoops - all your URIs change.

Some WikiEngines allow you to use a URL that looks like static one: eg:


or one that does not include the script name:


This takes only a very minor amount of tweaking of browser parameters and environment variables. There is (probably) a patch for UseMod for this -- if not, ask TarQuin about how UnrealWiki does it.

We also delete pages - rather than leaving redirects - when we rename or merge pages.

CategoryWebTechnology, in a sense


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