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The man who invented the web. He took a really neat network and made it more or less easy for everyone to play. He now runs the WorldWideWebConsortium [1]. For that crime against humanity, TimBernersLeeMustDie.

I think he's done a fair job as the head of the w3. Why do you think he should die?

I'm not the original author, but just think about the countless hours consumed by the World Wide Wait that could have been usefully spent watching television! Besides, only the cool people used the Net before he made it point-and-drool easy. :-)

perhaps they meant the incredible mess that the W3C has made? Arguably the whole process is out of control, and the W3C is irrelevant. I haven't noticed the W3C actually getting anyone to use any standards lately. Mostly they seem to just rubber-stamp whatever the browser manufacturers put out - which is usually poorly designed.

I think we should take this opportunity to develop a policy for dealing with death threats (or other threats of violence) that appear on MeatballWiki. ;-) -- anon.

That's easy: PeopleWhoThreatenViolenceMustDie?. :-) :-) :-) --CliffordAdams

At least I didn't write this one. -- SunirShah

I wrote the original line. I was an internet user in 1992 (actually, in 1988, but the change started in 1992) when more people started coming on to this neat thing. It first started with AOL but the Web made it explosive, and the more people started coming, the more they started using all the bandwidth we were already using, the more they started posting before lurking in our favorite newsgroups and mailing lists (some were more or less assigned to ruin mailing lists by instructors in "learn about the Internet" courses. Maricopa Community College is forever in my scat-list over that one).

Now, for the last four years, I have gained my paycheck working on the bitmines that TimBernersLee created. I learned perl by writing CGI stuff with it. I know HTTP better than any other networking protocol and I know that TimBernersLee doesn't know how to spell "Referrer". I have a number of people and things who I have claimed should die: Netscape, as mentioned here; Don Henley, following Mojo Nixon's editorial song on the subject; Jeff Lynne, for what he did to Tom Petty, and for the existence of ELO. I know others who have their own little lists, and it is meant to be funny. I have great respect and admiration for Tim, but I hold him responsible for TheSeptemberThatNeverEnded. --DaveJacoby


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