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CraigHubley is permanently banned from all Meatball projects for threatening legal action. While we may or may not have any legal liability, the point remains that we honour requests to eradicate people from our history with the requisite counter demand that they can no longer ever participate. -- SunirShah

The legal problem is that he has no recourse to respond or correct factual errors in discussions about him here because he is banned. This places responsibility on Meatball either to have their facts straight (to civil standards of evidence) or else not to allow him to be defamed here.

The legal problem is even murkier, but I permanently banned him as an initial step of the ongoing private discussion we are having about the case. I offered a reduced ban (one year) and a total takedown of all related material, provided he agrees that we would no longer ever need to defend ourselves in court over this subject, and thus we could lay it to rest. -- SunirShah


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