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I'm UK-based, 37 years old, male programmer. Most of my practical experience is in BCPL, C and C++, but I've also used Java and Smalltalk. I admire Eiffel and the Lisps, and Cecil.

See http://www.bhresearch.co.uk/ for more info about me (and a free Java applet). Send email to mailto:brangdon@cix.co.uk.

I've been interested in the general area of conferencing for several years. (I have been a user of CompulinkInformationeXchange, a UK-based BulletinBoardSystem since July 1988, WardsWiki since 1997.) I tried to implement some ideas in 1998, using Java. That didn't really work out. I took a break. Early this year ('00) I came back to it, using it as an exercise through which to learn and use Smalltalk.

At that time I looked at various versions of Smalltalk. I hated Squeak and VW for their UI (And cost, in VW's case.) My development machine is Windows; Dolphin felt much better and was reasonably priced. However, it seems that the various Smalltalks are not very compatible. I needed an XML parser and a web server, and although these things seemed to be available for VW or Squeak getting them to work with Dolphin required more porting effort than I felt up to. So I wrote my own. If anyone else is using Dolphin and wants these pieces, ask me for the source.

I am currently interested in systems which can:

My current WikiClone design is heavily based on composing documents from pieces through transclusion, except that I assume my entire database can be in memory and part of the same Smalltalk image, so it is trivial to do and involves no networking.

Are you still working on MuWebWeb?

I've pretty much given up all work in this area. I don't visit this site or WikiWiki often, either, nowadays. -- DaveHarris Can I ask why not (when you do come through)? --AndrewCates



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