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See UseMod:DavidAndel.

I started AiWiki at the [AI Lab Zurich]. You are welcome to share the fascination of AI...

Thanks Sunir for not only deleting my initials page (which I would have preferred) but creating a new one as well.
I just realized that NeuroWiki is at the university of Z├╝rich! Hehe, I graduated in Neurobiology with Prof. Wehner, and one of Prof. Pfeiffer's Ph. D. students was my supervisor... Hehe, that was a few years ago... (and as you can read in my OnlineDiary I currently don't have much sympathy for the university...) -- AlexSchroeder

yeah, actually DavidAndel is the one there, he's been kind enough to host neurowiki over there, at least while he's there. -- BayleShanks

My personal Login:2915.


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