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The journal, the rant-box, the discussion forum, the collection of computing tips and interesting links, the latest what-is-the-world-coming-to notes; the place to tie thoughts together and post public reminders to self in potential search of community responses, not to mention a WikiWalkabout in the life of the author of TheWikiWay, among other projects past, present and future. -- BoLeuf

Tourbus Template:

 name: DaynotesForum
 tour bus stop URL:  http://leuf.net/TourBusStop
 host and e-mail: BoLeuf mailto:bo@leuf.net
 language: English
 wiki-software (clone) used: "cluster-wiki" spinoff of Ward's original(s)
 geographical location: Gothenburg Sweden (though a fiction in terms of arbitary servers)
 neighbourhood: WikiWikiWeb
 date of birth: good grief, i can't remember... This forum went public around 2000
 pages/homepages: this single wiki alone, ca 900, the near public cluster some 1400
 open or closed: open (mostly)
 tour connections / current: inserted = #01 Grand Wiki, #02 Developer's Tour, #66 International
 tour connections / wanted: 
 date of last update (this template): 13 Dec 2004

Bo, welcome here and thank you for the entry. I'll add a proper suggestion at BusRouteDiscussion as a formal procedure. May we consider DaynotesForum in a bridge role to the Scandinavian wiki world? Are there Swedish wikis in the cluster that might fit into the Swedish Tour #23? -- HelmutLeitner



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