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This page is for discussing the existing and future tours of the TourBus.

Old discussions and decisions are kept in the BusRouteDiscussionArchive.

The routes of the TourBus are shown at the TourBusMap.

If you want your wiki to become part of the TourBus, put your data at WikisInNeedForBusConnections or in the section just below.

Suggestions for existing tours

Adding a TourBusStop with no permission

Some wikis don't really have an active "manager" or point-of-contact. In such cases, would it be acceptable to just go ahead and add a TourBusStop without seeking permission?

IMHO no. It is not probable that some community may not like a bus stop, but it might happen. We should respect this. They also might have their own vision about their position in the tour system. This should be discussed before putting them on a certain tour. -- hl

IMHO before setting up a TBS in a wiki the host or some active member of the wiki should be asked whether they want to be on the tour. A representative should be invited to join the BusManagement, the TourDiscussion? and they should write their own TBS page (if at all possible). -- hl

IMHO I think it would be ok to add a TourBusStop to wiki's that we have not gotten permission. IF the TourBusStop is a pointer to WikiCentral? currently MeatBall:TourBusStop. I agree that we should seek permission about being put on an actual tour and discussion about location with in a tour. To not be able to put a pointer to the WikiCentral? tour start seems to me un-Wiki. -- MarkDilley see TourBusStopTemplate

Concept map

What about a map as concept map like this one? This would allow the users to plan their own tours on the fly. One could even think of innovative wikis, containing (only) concept maps, where each "page" is a view to some sub graph of Wiki Topics (which take over the role of wiki pages) . -- FridemarPache

I don't see how it's better than a collection of bulleted lists. Sorry for the late response. -- TimurIsmagilov

Route shape

As I see in TourBusMap, all tours are circular. I'd prefer some tours having starting and ending point. So "you have to change". (sorry for probably misplaced comment) --WolfPeuker



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