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The design bibliography serves as a place to store notes about readings and resources in usability design. It is operated by SunirShah under the guise of Meatball.

I'm currently setting it up for launch at ParticipatoryDesign Conference 2006.

Application of LayoutMockups can be seen here:


Currently, http://www.designbibliography.org is the planned URL, but it's kind of long and obtuse. I've also registered http://www.wikicite.org (.net), http://www.designbiblio.org (.net, .com), http://www.designbib.org (.net, .com), and http://HCIte.org (.net, .com). I'm not sure what is a better URL. -- SunirShah

Bibliographic data formats

Poster feedback requested

I would love some feedback about my [poster design], ASAP, if anyone is willing to take a look. It's in PowerPoint because Kinkos accepts PowerPoint. -- SunirShah

I've fixed various texts and reworked the problem and solution to be more specific:

Problem. > When public annotated bibliographies are maintained by heroic volunteers, they become stale when the volunteer becomes busy (e.g. the Participatory Design bibliography). How do we share the work of maintaining the bibliography across many volunteers?

Solution. > Use a wiki to open control of the bibliography. Anyone can then immediately add their own literature browsing and digesting efforts, for the good of all. Extend the wiki to support Open Academics & Content so it is a source of new research.

I'm not sure what the plan is for the software. I'm happy to make it available under a BSD license when I get around to it. However, I'd prefer if tons of people in the human-computer space looked to the DesignBibliography as their prime bibliography. -- SunirShah

It would be great if you made it available as I am sure people in other disciplines could make great use of it!

Here's my take:

Tell me that font isn't Times New Roman. You may call me a font weenie, but TNR looks rough from far off because its verticals are so much heavier than everything else, and it looks bad up close because its letters don't play well with others (especially the f). May I recommend Georgia, Cochin, Palatino, or Hoefler Text instead? Kinko's ought to have Georgia at least.

I've picked a lot of nits here, but that's just because I'm a picky, picky SOB. The overall layout is great, and the product is fantastic. This ought to knock their socks off. -- NathanERasmussen

Nathan, thanks. I'll fold it into the next version of the poster. The last version got destroyed by accident. -- SunirShah

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