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A DistributedMind operates like the Borg in Star Trek. It is a cross between a HiveMind and a CollectiveIntelligence.

A DistributedMind has a set of autonomous agents who collectively form one idea, but the agents don't have individual thoughts. Instead, the CollectiveIdea is formed from the collective brain power and stimulus of all the minds in the system. Like a HiveMind, there is only one idea for the group; however, unlike a HiveMind, the idea isn't imposed from one individual. You can consider a DistributedMind like a distributed calculation like SetiAtHome?.

Even extreme cases of HiveMind where as is said before the idea is imposed from one individual are in fact mostly a result and special case of DistributedMind, since this one individual usually has been generated in TheCollective. Possible exceptions are cases of foreign individuals who got power over a collective, but in that case CollectiveIdea""s split in several subgroups, usually in two main ones: pro and contra.

Perhaps a DistributedMind better fits the term, "TheCollective" than a CollectiveIntelligence's society if only because of StarTrek?.

If it makes you feel warmer inside, Jane from EndersGame (well, SpeakerForTheDead?) is also a DistributedMind.

[This has been lifted wholly from Wiki:DistributedMind"";]



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