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generalizes the concept of a WikiForum, where the contributions are intentionally distributed and interlinked between several Wiki:WikiForums. It abstracts from the fact that there is not (yet) a 'universal code' Wiki:InterWiki engine that makes the transitions seamless.

This idea is not a merely theoretical one. You can see and work on one example in its earliest phase: [SeedWiki:DistributedMathSongsWiki].

Who knows similar, possibly full-flegded examples, to learn from?



-- FridemarPache

I guess you mean Wiki:InterWiki.

No, the author really means the forum (seen as community aspect), dispite the absence of a unifying engine . In the meantime we can use the available intermediary tools to compensate for the lack of a DistributedWikiEngine. An AnnotationWiki is one way to build a DistributedWikiForum. Thank you for the hint, causing me to reformulate the intro of this page -- fp



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