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A DoubleStandard is when people of a certain class or group are treated differently from others. In other words, the rules are different for different people. This is an example of unfairness, therefore more double standards in a society means a LackOfSocialJustice? in that society. An example of double standards inn our society is the gap between rich and poor, how they are treated differently, and the difference in the quality of life. AgeIsm? is also an example of a double standard, and age restrictions like "you can't do this because you're not old enough" are also an example of little social justice in our current society. On the other hand, child labor is a bad thing in my view, unless the person consenting to the labor knows truly what they're consenting to. If child labor is legalised, then there should be a labor union for children when employers and companies lie about working conditions, or if they don't tell what will happen to the children in the job.

Discrimination against race, gender, or sexual preference is also a double standard, and cases like WikiPedia:Leonard_Peltier and WikiPedia:Mumia_Abu-Jamal are convincing me that our society is doomed to fail if it stays as unjust as it is now, with all the discrimination, double standards and inequalities going on. --JonasDaltonRand


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