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Hi there, I am Elizabeth and I am the founder of www.wikihealth.com- a health and wellness wiki. It has been a slow growing labor of love. This site is great and provides some really useful information that I wish I had discovered when I first launched the site over a year ago. I seem to be stuck at the SeedPosting stage. I have built a small community but have trouble getting regular article contributions. Any feedback is needed and much appreciated!

And thanks again for this Meatball wiki, it is great!

Warmly, Elizabeth

Hi, Elizabeth. Welcome to MeatBall! How have you been promoting your site? Word-of-mouth? Some kind of advertising campaign? -- ChrisPurcell

Hi, Elizabeth. I took the liberty of adding a link to your site to your WikiHealth page (all be it, mostly for my own convenience). I know a few others that may share your interests and can suggest they take a look at your site, if you wish. -- HansWobbe



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