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The software collection used to implement PerlMonks, EverythingTwo, AnimeFu and a few other web sites. Available at http://everydevel.com

Quoting from the website:

Ah, but what can't you do with it? The importance of building dynamic web pages has become so bandied about, it's almost gauche to mention it again. Still, flat sites are a pain, and not too cool for your users either. The Everything System allows you to create and customize a dynamic web engine for your own needs, and let's face it, it's all about your needs. People have used the system for a writer's workshop, tracking clients, a pop-culture database, and a travel website among other possible applications.

* Chatterbox allows realtime communication between your users.
* The Voting system helps establish trust among users.
* Usergroups allow you to set various levels of permission within the system
* Weblogs allow easy communication with users.

You may have noticed that some of those are things which would be good in a wiki :-)

However, I've only seen implementations that hold on to the notion of sole ownership of content. It seems to hold to the idea that only the person who wrote something should be able to change it, and that everything written should be tagged with authorship information. This facilitates the mechanized rating/trust system, but hinders collaboration. Whether this assumption is an inate part of the software, or something held by those implementing these particular sites, I do not know.

Editors are selected according to how much other editors like them. this creates problems if one of the editors decides to abuse his powers, because there is no review mechanism. Are you going to remove editor powers from a friend of yours?

Everything sites

Can everyone guess my big complaint about existing EverythingWebSystem sites? I can't get a RichSiteSummary feed from 'em. I find things, but they don't get updated. I'm a big PerlAdvocate?, so a PerlMonks feed is desired but not forthcoming. Grr. --DaveJacoby


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