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Which wikis are the most easily extensible today by their users? (a SelfProgrammingWiki or CommunityProgrammableWiki would be an extreme special case). The mark of a SelfProgrammingWiki is that the wiki software itself may be modified. A merely extensible wiki means just that users can write additional software on the wiki that can be run, not necessarily that they can modify the wiki software (i.e. a Wiki:WikiWithProgrammableContent). In this case the most extendable ones are the ones that allow the embedded scripts to access information about the Wiki beyond the current page; i.e. i believe that in SeedWiki, BackLinks are implemented as a script.

See also WikiPlugins.

Wiki:WikiWithProgrammableContents that are not SelfProgrammingWikis: (at the moment, my descriptions of these are hearsay, I haven't seen the embedded code for them myself; question: which of these would allow something like BackLinks to be reasonably embedded?)

Can this code access information about other pages in the Wiki?

[Torge's Wiki] extends the system for security

The page acts like a config file: On that page you can place additional code to be executed by the script. The page is only createable by administrators. The "Safe" module is not used, therefore using this feature is a potential security risk. For an example, see EmacsWiki:Config and EmacsWiki:ConfigFr for an example of some uses for the config page. Basically it does not DevolvePower, and it does not really speed up development, since you cannot use the config page to significantly change the wiki. All it does is allow more powerful remote maintenance for administrators that don't always have access to the config file.

A related question is, which wikis are most easily extensible today by their proprietors? i.e. which are most modular, easiest to develop on, or to find and apply modules/patches for?
(the Wiki:SelfProgrammingWiki list here is duplicate content with Wiki:SmartWikis; I duplicated it here because I've heard that WikiWiki doesn't want continuing Wiki:WikiOnWiki discussion)

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