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See http://openwiki.com

The development of OpenWiki has ended. OpenWiking - "New Generation OpenWiki" is based on the original OpenWiki code.

See: http://openwiking.com

New project name is OpenWiking

From the Web site, by LaurensPit, slightly edited by AlexSchroeder:

I really liked the wiki concept when I first saw the original WikiWiki created by WardCunningham. Then I tried out several wikis from others. There wasn't a decent one implemented in ASP though. Probably people think it's not possible or too hard to do sophisticated regular expressions in ASP. So I created OpenWiki.

The first version was hacked together in a weekend in March 2000. We used the first version for several months without a problem.

Later I encountered UseModWiki with its MeatballWiki, which is a very good implementation of a wiki in Perl, and MoinMoin, which is a very good implementation of a wiki in python. It's from these two sources that OpenWiki follows most of the concepts and features.

Later, Microsoft released VBScript v5.5, which has enhanced RegularExpression support and [MS XML v3] which has all the support you need to work with XML and XSLT. Though I've been working with XML and XSLT for over 3 years now I wanted to do more researh into separating business logic completely from presentation logic. So In April 2001 I started to build OpenWiki from scratch again.

Also I wanted a much better and more intuitive difference engine. Though it's embedded in the OpenWiki system the difference engine can be viewed as a separate piece of software. It's one class in under 300 lines of pure ASP code. Try it out by clicking on the diff link below each page.

Publishes and reads RichSiteSummary feeds. See http://openwiki.com/ow.asp?RssPage



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