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A CommunityProgrammableWiki is a WikiEngine with a PublicScript. In other words, it's a wiki where the wiki's code is editable in the wiki itself.

This is also the name of a UseMod fork which implements this; see http://purl.net/net/cpw.

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Other names for this idea

Another proposed term for this is SmartWiki. CommunityProgrammableWiki is more precise: SmartWiki implies some sort of advanced AI. But SmartWiki is quicker to type.

SelfProgrammingWiki was another name for this concept (because, from the initial developer's point of view, once you write a CommunityProgrammedWiki, you could sit back and watch the wiki "program itself"!)

See also PublicScript. PublicScript is the generic idea of a web application whose script is modified by the community. This page is the specialization of that idea to wikis.

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