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A form of reworking, in which a section of an originating page is extracted to another, sometimes new, target page. Typically, a few sentences are left to explain how the pages are connected. Often, we stop there.

The immediate problem is ContextSwizzling: I say "There's a fuller explanation on BiggishProblem", someone else extracts my explanation to BiggishProblemExplanation, and we have broken links. Therefore, after doing an ExtractPage you should check the BackLinks, and update them to point to the extracted page, where that is appropriate. This often entails ReworkingSignedContributions?. This is an example of one of the key ReworkingProblems - largely uncontroversial reworkings like ExtractPage seem to require somewhat more controversial reworkings.

This is all no real problem, provided the folks who are being reworked are willing to AssumeGoodFaith.

When to apply ExtractPage:

When not to apply ExtractPage:


Voir une traduction en fran├žais sur ExtractionPage.



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