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A FanWiki is the use of WikiSoftware to document and index details about pieces or collections of media. This is usually done on a WikiFarm, often FandomDotCom? (formerly known as WikiA). Possibly the first, and certainly an early and prominent, example of this was BulbaPedia?, created when WikiPedia decided that articles on every individual Pokemon were out-of-scope.

Fan wikis are generally about a franchise (for example, the Marvel universe and the Hunger Games series have large fanwikis). Single works which have no prequels, sequels, or related material also sometimes occupy wikis of their own; their scope expands whenever "canon" material is added or improved upon.

Pages on fanwikis typically come in these categories:

Creation and maintenance of FanWikis? is sometimes referred to as a central example of "curatorial fandom" (as opposed to the "transformative fandom" of creating fanart, fanfiction, and other such works).

See also: FanLore?, TvTropes


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