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Hello, I'm fogfox!


I wish not to use my RealName, despite having read RealNamesPlease. I am not a troll. I hope to get enough time to prove it.

2006-005-18 (YYYY-0MM-DD, this is my preferred date format)

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guest area

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Hello. Since you have declared your opposition to one of the central beliefs of this community, the burden is therefore upon you to explain your choice - so please begin. [E.M.]

Welcome, FogFox. You have any time you need. Please note that this is an old issue that's probably just as interesting as talking about the earth being flat or not. You are welcome to contribute, just don't sign with FireFox?, please. It's part of MeatballWiki culture to write either anonymously or to sign with a RealName. Just care that in a discussion thread you contributions are recognizably belonging together, for the readers sake. -- HelmutLeitner

Thanks for the criticism! I hope it helps me evolve. Some words about my name: I've been using it for 8 years as an online and offline pseudonym. This is the name, with which I introduce myself to my new friends, ever since. It's not a roleplaying handle. I might consider writing anonymously, since that's the closest behaviour in this respect, that I still find convenient enough to try to meet your expectations. If I still turn out to be intolerably repulsive in your eyes, I guess it's OK with me to have my site removed, rather than standing in the line of fire. After that I still might contribute anonymously, just to enjoy the benefits of a webwide collaboration. After all, I myself don't want to be a worthier topic than my ideas. -- FogFox

It's not that we find you "intolerably repulsive" (we don't even know you!). It's just that not using real names is incompatible with Meatball culture. You are welcome to contribute anonymously, but you miss out on much of the community that way. If UseRealNames is a sticky point for you, we'd be happy to help you find a community that's more in line with what you're looking for. -- StephenGilbert



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