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[Fundable] is a bulletin board where individuals can post group actions (money collections) that will be "called in" or activated only if enough other participants also pony up their cash.

For example: If we can collect $500 for a playstation for the dorm ... we'll buy it. If we don't get the full $500 in the next 10 days, all the payments will be refunded.

PledgeBank is similar, except that it is about pledged actions rather than raising funds. See also ConsensusPolling.

What is the meta of this idea? It is really interesting - the idea of CollectiveAction? as consumers or donators. Can this idea be applied to boycotts? If we get x number of people to boycott it will be a go, same as voting, PledgeBank too.... what is the meta here.... -- Best, MarkDilley

I think either OnlyIfCommitments? or OnlyIf work as a meta for this. Not sure which to use. I want the category to be CategoryOnlyIf, but OnlyIf perhaps isn't descriptive enough on its own. On the other hand, OnlyIf is used in the descriptions of the individual systems while OnlyIfCommitments? is too specific to fit. Thoughts?? -- BrandonCsSanders



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