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Original content by BrandonCsSanders added in any public space on the internet (including MeatBall) belongs to the Public Domain when the added content itself does not state otherwise. To confirm and clarify this, get contact information, and perhaps links to the content, please go first to [My portal page]

Thanks for the welcomes :) Appreciate the pointers to GroupThink, BarnRaising, VetoTopic, and ConsensusGroup!!

''I like your new page on ConsensusPolling. Most interesting. Take a look at VetoTopic for something vaguely related. Any external links that might be useful? -- ChrisPurcell

It is an idea that is just developing so I don't have any useful external links yet. I'm looking but haven't found nor created anything important yet.

A memory from WikiSym. -- HelmutLeitner

OnlyIf seems to work as a topic name for FundableDotOrg, PledgeBank, and ConsensusPolling type activities. Alternatively OnlyIfCommitments? or some other topic might be better?

TedErnst and I have decided to convene a WikiVanning!!

I realize that I'm adding a lot quite quickly to MeatBall ... I'll let the bits I've dropped in today settle for a while before I add more. I've been trying to figure out how to add in ideas from other communities I'm a part of and finding it challenging. I'm beginning to wonder whether wiki scales? How many very active contributors can a wiki sustain while still being a community? Or more importantly, can I be part of this community without being overwhelming? I'm not asking for responses to this, just letting the good MeatBall folkses know that I understand how disruptive to community a NewComer (including/especially this NewComer) can be.

We did some brainstorming on this a while back, due to another energetic visitor. Take a look at SpaghettiWiki for the genesis. I think we ultimately gave up. Just try and minimize the impact of flooding new terms on the community - perhaps localize them all on a single project page while you refine them - and you should do fine.

When I first came here, I put all my ideas on a single project page, FacetWiki. I've also forced myself to limit my energy every time I have an attack of ideas. See MotivationEnergyAndCommunity for some of my thoughts on that.

Of course, that doesn't mean "don't post". If you have ideas to share, post them all on one page! Once you've done so, though, try and limit your energy to give people a chance to read and respond at a slower pace. -- ChrisPurcell

EmbraceTheCycle (thinking about o/net and meatball and communitywiki and more and more)
DoubleWiki sounds like ItRocks? ItSucks?

Brandon, I read that you "...basically wrote my dissertation using a hybrid of emacs-wiki and LaTeX modes...", an experience surely interesting for many others out there. Could you write DissertationUsingWiki?? -- HelmutLeitner

Yes Brandon, please do tell. I have a friend that is close to trying the idea. --MarkDilley
I'll try to create this page ... but it won't be until after WikiSym as I am trying to get a collaborative editor built before the conference. --BrandonCsSanders

Have you seen OpenAcademics? --TedErnst

Give me a call today? --TedErnst

We've standardized on [RecentChangesCamp] as the name and now we are homing in on a theme. If you care, please register your thoughts at http://RecentChangesCamp.org/Theme -- BrandonCsSanders



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