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When there is talk about OnlineCommunity or VirtualCommunity, whatever, usually a single unit, a wiki a forum or OpenSource project community is meant. But all these communities are somehow linked, weaker or stronger, by personal relationships, by common traditions, by common software, by contributors that move or participate in multiple systems at the same time. There are even people like MattisManzel who explicitely work at this inter-online-community level and try to bring people together to create a single social system. So sooner or later this will let the feeling of a single online community emerge. Call it the GlobalOnlineCommunity.

What will this mean?

One scenario (of several potential ones):

What will change?

Is this not the GlobalVillage?

GlobalVillage seems to me a hype word without a sound basis. A village needn't be a community. What is an abstract village? Everybody knows everybody and is able to observe everybody? A common place that can't be avoided? A place where single persons are important? Where nobody can avoid the community?

GlobalOnlineCommunity is a word of observation. It may or may not happen. We might measure it in terms of common ethics, standards and cooperation. -- HelmutLeitner

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