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Example that sketches the idea for a suggested Wiki feature:

Somebody writes MathML? . Currently this Wiki name has no page in this Wiki. So a tentative link is created, marked by a "?". Why not simply let the script generate Google:MathML, followed by a tentative questionmark. This way the user has two link-options at once. They can comfortably look up context in Google or just create a new page. You even could suppress the prefix Google and show two underlines. One under MathML? and one under the questionmark. This would look more Wiki, i.e. less obstrusive.

Added benefit for Google-indexed Wikis, after the new page is created: you can easily check, if the resp. page is indexed and where similar content can be found/integrated.

Similar suggestions: ExternalBackLink

Basically, this is just NearLinking to Google.

Contributors: FridemarPache, AnonymousDonor

Personally, I find all the linking to Google aggravating. I find especially annoying qwikis that are only Google:LinkPattern. It says to me, as the reader, that the author was just too lazy or just didn't care enough. Google is like a gigantic ThreadMode discussion that isn't threaded. Since everyone who uses this site is aware of Google, linking to it doesn't add much to the page. We're supposed to collect and organize ideas--preferably original ideas--on this site, not just link randomly to the rest of the internet.

It's ok if you don't have anything to say yet or time to say it. Just don't create the page. Eventually, either you or someone else will fill it in. That's why we have the NoSuchPageSyntax, and even WantedPages. -- SunirShah

Lazyness may be sometimes a virtue, sometimes not. Ideas, early published may be a lesser threshold for participation and a bigger chance for avoiding traps. The activity of "Collecting and organizing ideas" should be supported by lessening the amount of typing for those, who are searching in the wider context. On the other hand too many links can make a page ugly (AvoidClutterLinks). As a sign of my sympathy for this wonderful Wiki, I started "degoogeling" ;-) -- fp





Fridemar also suggested, as an alternative, that each page have a link to lookup itself on Google, as a combination of ExternalBackLink and a global twin-page/SisterSites search.


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