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An external BackLink of page X is a link from page Y to page X, with X and Y on different web sites. This encourages DeepLinking into your site. The more incoming external links a page has, the more it is probable that (new) visitors arrive.

See AutomaticLinkBack.


The Google backlink service lists all pages in its database that refer to a current page


To list all its indexed pages that refer to the RecentChanges of WardsWiki / MeatBall, prefix their URLs in the following way:



also you can just search on google like this link:siteurl this will show you the external link of that website [Google Backlinks]


The CritLink WebAnnotation tool shows BackLinks with each page.

ExternalBackLink wiki feature idea

To save the user keystrokes a system link on each Wiki page to its external referents would come in handy. It could help to increase the link density between different Wikis. The script extension has to filter out all internal backlinks.

OddMuse includes this feature. See OddMuse:Automatic_Link_Back.

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