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Moved from Wiki:GuruNet to here:


They've changed their name and are now at


is a free one-click information service that can stimulate collaborative communities.

Pointed-to text in context click-pops up a window with

It is designed to work in any PC application, such as e-mail, MS-Office, PIMs and, of course, any browser.

It is similar to

I use it as a handy companion to any WikiForum.

And they are wonderful people with an excellent humor:

 Our "Find" bar is easier to find (its on the toolbar)

-- FridemarPache

From Wiki:GuruDoesAll


dear management, I'm a happy user and a multiplicator for your excellent GuruNet tool. There are a host of ideas, we could contribute to your marvel.

Please have a look at one of our user editable Web pages, where we point to GuruNet, e.g.


You are invited to leave your comments. I'll post this public mail as a public annotation for the benefit of all people who can read it.

Thank you.

Dr. Fridemar Pache

The above text was mailed to the management address of GuruNet, least not last, because they encourage user feed-back. As promised, it was also posted as an annotation on their partner program page:


Meanwhile we can improve the text in style and content within Wiki. E.g. does somebody know whom to insert as CEO? Perhaps s/he gives us the honor to leave a note here.

-- FridemarPache



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