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Hanos Yoon is my International Name except Korea. In the Corea, I given name of 'Yoon en-ho', and in Korea, I called&use to this name, but other contury, and All english nature.. I will use this name forever.

People will say that I am Walking Back. However, I am turning to and walking along the front certainly.
canéo, ao fiyu delwoû umaro. nat, ao neceî pui dyuluî delwo. - Hiroyuki Kuroyanagi

Welcome to MeatballWiki! Take a look around and let us know what you're interested in. I taught English in Korea for a while, and only one of my Korean friends would let me call him by his Korean name. Everyone else insisted that I use their "English" name. Next time I go back, I'm going make a Korean name for myself. -- StephenGilbert

Welcome, Hanos. Feel at home here. What are you interested in? -- HelmutLeitner

 Thanks for. por la question.. .. Just for WikiBus? and BusManagement ^^; - ~~~~



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