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HardScienceFiction is ScienceFiction dealing with HardScience? (chemistry, physics, mathematics, biology) rather than SoftScience? (psychiatry, sociology).

Some of its best current authors include DavidBrin, WilMcCarthy?, GeoffreyLandis?, GregEgan, AlastairReynolds?, GregBear?, LarryNiven?, StephenBaxter?.

Since for most of its history, ScienceFiction was based on HardScience?, most of the golden-age authors worked in HardScienceFiction. This includes IsaacAsimov? and RobertHeinlein.

See Alastair's annotated list at http://members.tripod.com/~voxish/sf_hard_authors.html

Um...David Brin, Greg Bear, and Stephen Baxter as among the best hard fiction writers?!? This is a joke, right? Sorry, I can't disagree more. Forgive my impertinence. -- MartySchrader?


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