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Came to Meatball a while ago (March 2004?) when I was working through my interests in online communities. I run TheScian?.com. MeatballWiki has been an influence at the site. I live in England. -SelvakumarGanesan

Welcome, Selva! -- ChrisPurcell

Welcome! I very much enjoyed your anecdote on BarnRaising. -- SunirShah

Welcome here, feel at home. -- HelmutLeitner

Welcome! Have you had a look at SimpleScienceWiki and PlanetMath? -- SebPaquet

Thank you. I have started reading at the sites. SimpleScienceWiki is a bit hard to navigate. What's the best way? And, is there an index page? --SelvakumarGanesan

Selvakumar, the place you may work off of at the begining of wiki is RecentChanges, I like to think about it as a Daily Newspaper, tells you what is happening in the community today. In the preferences you can usually set a RandomPage menu link, that is fun. But really, relax and read and "surf", spend some time and enjoy the wiki! Best, MarkDilley

Hi Selva, call me mattis -- MattisManzel

Selva, beat me with a pole later. I have something to write about an AcademicWiki that relates to your WikiAsScience inquiry. -- SunirShah

P.S. Very sexy email address. ;)

Taking RandomWalks? through Meatball after a while.


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