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ViƩgas, F., Wattenberg, M., and Kushal, D. (2004). Studying cooperation and conflict between authors with history flow visualizations. To be presented at CHI '04. Available from http://web.media.mit.edu/~fviegas/papers/history_flow.pdf

History Flow is a method for visualizing the VersionHistorys of evolving documents. It was created to study the behavior of wiki communities, but has potential applications in other areas, such as software revision control systems.

See http://www.research.ibm.com/history for a full description. This project page has many screenshots of Wikipedia pages evolving, along with some initial conclusions about what they mean.

One of the authors is FernandaViegas?, who worked on ChatCircles.


Wow, that's brilliant. -- SunirShah

And yet astonishingly simple. The patterns leap off the page... I can't wait to see the further research. -- StephenGilbert

Might also be interested in the [Historical Event Markup and Linking Project]. Unfortunately (?), I believe they have limited their vision to describing world events, but perhaps it will be generalizable. -- LionKimbro


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