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I was asked: ‘How do I join TourBus?’. I told them I will write a guide one day. Here it is. -- TimurIsmagilov


To join the system, you have got to have a website to add first. It should be a wiki, or a DigitalGarden?, or a BLiki maybe.

Also, note that the system is dynamic. Routes change, stops change. Be ready for your stop to be updated. If your wiki is not editable by outsiders (which you should reconsider, by the way), be ready to modify your stop on a notification.


There are two ways: the bold one and the other one. The other one is simple: contact TimurIsmagilov in any way (email, for example) and we will sort it out privately.

The bold one is to add it yourself.

How to write TourBusStop?

On your website, create a resource called TourBusStop or similarly. The name TourBusStop is preferred over others, but names like tour_bus_stop and whatnot might be good as well.

Every tour bus stop should have a description of the wiki, some links to the most interesting places there (popular pages or a ForwardIndex are a good choice). They must have a list of routes the stop is part of and links to the next stops. You should also link the Meatball's TourBusMap.

If your wiki is not editable by outsiders, make sure to leave a way to contact you.

My tour bus stop is a good example: [Melanocarpa's TourBusStop]. Visit others, get inspired. -- TimurIsmagilov


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