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This is the page to describe the existing TourBus routes. If you want to use the bus, go to TourBusStop. If you want to add to this, please be mindful of the minimal [formatting guidelines].

In case of any questions or problems: please ask the BusManagement. For future routes or route extensions, please refer to BusRouteDiscussion; for discussion of the TourBus system in general, please see TourBusDiscussion; and here go WikisInNeedForBusConnections.

Note: there used to be a special format below. Some programs that were never launched in the last decade depended on it.

Want to join? See HowToTourBus.

Bus #1: Grand Wiki Community Tour

These are English/German wikis that are old and large.

Bus #2: Wiki Developers Tour

Wikis by and for developers.

Also the DokuWiki seems to have moved from http://wiki.splitbrain.org/tourbusstop to https://www.dokuwiki.org/tourbusstop . Gotta incorporate it back.

Bus #3: German Community Tour

These are German wikis.


Bus #5: Tourism & Travel Community Tour

Bus #6: Eclectic Wiki Tour

Bus #7: Civic Wiki Tour

Bus #31: Wiki in der Schule Tour

Dismantled tour for wikis at school

Bus #42: Software Developers Tour

This is an English/German tour for wikis that will interest software developers.

Bus #66: International Wiki Tour


Bus #101: MoinMoin Wiki Tour

Wikis running MoinMoin.

Bus #103: ProWiki Tour

German/English tour of ProWiki.

Bus #108: MediaWiki Tour

MediaWiki wikis.

Bus #200: Personal Wiki Tour

This route is for personal wikis. This is the first route to appear during TourBusRevitalization.

Visual map

This is how the system looked on 5 May 2004. [see at full size]




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