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JamesDay will be recognised by some from Wikipedia and others from a variety of other venues.

Interests include online communities, online and intellectual property law and programming. I'm not a lawyer, though it may sound like it when I'm writing about the areas of law which interest me. Please don't hesitate to ask me for the legal basis for anything I write about any legal matter.

I'm doing some somewhat odd things at the moment to introduce another community to this community and wikis in general. Please trust that this will be beneficial to all involved and tolerate a few things which may not be quite what this community expects, while providing gentle guidance to help the people who are temporarily strangers change any behavior which is disruptive for this community. :)

I'm really not keen on email as a way of communicating but if you really must contact me privately, m e a t b a l l w i k i u s e r . t o . j a m e s d at r e c u r s o r . n e t will work. I much prefer those who know of the place to use private discussion in #Wikipedia.

Welcome, James! -- SunirShah

WelcomeWikipedians?. :) Nice to see you here. --MartinHarper



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