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email address: mailto:pwachaser@netscape.net

Personal Webpage: [Jeffrey Rea]

Webpages I'm currently working on: [Siete Pares Escrima]

I'm just learning about Wikis and hope to contribute to this great way of communication. Jeffrey Rea

Welcome, Jeffrey! As MartinHarper says, "have some StartingPoints". -- ScottMoonen

Welcome! I just arrived a couple of weeks ago, but I've already learned that we are welcoming newcomers in this society,
so welcome from one newcomer to another! By the way, I didn't know how to make links the way you did. So you have already taught me something! -- MikaelHermansson

Hey Jeffrey and Mikael. I make a double welcome here. Nice to see you teach each other, it's one of these quasi ineviteable things on wiki. -- MattisManzel

Thanks to all. -- JeffreyRea



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