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The original TourBus driver.

You can find me on a few other wikis:

or e-mailto:jdebruyn@debruyn.com

Welcome John!

try clicking on [Preferences] and setting your username cookie, and no one will know you hail from ACA51796.ipt.aol.com

I see that the routes at TourBus keeping up with the explosion of wikis round the world. MeatballWikiTour? is a page that I am suggesting for MeatballWiki that would be a feature link from the TourBusStop page. The MeatballWikiTour? would be an intra-wiki tour for non-English speaking visitors and would involve deployment of the Google translation tool.

MeatballWikiTour? is based on a page that I added with the help of Rainer|Langenhan to the German-language JuraWiki which can be found at


I am hopeful that we can get assistance to create segments on the MeatballWiki tour page for German, French, Spanish, Portuguese and Italian tours of the JuraWiki site in addition to the English tour that is on the JuraWikiTour? page at the URL above.

Since Google does not do well translating pages with different languages, if a guest book is in order for "foreign" language visitors at a particular site, I would suggest one such page for each language where comments and observations could be left. JohnDeBruyn (July 31, 2003)

I am experimenting with a DFwiki at http://coadr.com. JohnDeBruyn (February 11, 2006)

Where is the MeatballWikiTour? page going? Since MeatballWiki is an English-language wiki the segment that follows is merely a sample of what would be translated into German, French, Spanish, Portuguese and Italian. The launch link below lauches the Google translation tool and keeps this page. As noted over on Ward's wiki the Google translation tool does not work with mixed language pages like this but that is not the point as the non-English language visitor will be using this page as a launching pad for their tour of MeatballWiki. The next segment is a format for this kind of page on a UseMod wiki like MeatballWiki. JohnDeBruyn (July 31, 2003)

John, it's great that you are back! Your child is now one year (or two years, depending on how you count) old. Hope you like the way the tour bus has developed. -- HelmutLeitner



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