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What kind of consent to change text is there between users? Is this just an illusion of consent? Or does consent really exist?

It's not an illusion, but the exact extent of consent is not completely specified on this wiki, either. You can change anonymous text, and you can change signed text as long as you don't "put words in someone else's mouth" (i.e. distort the meaning). You can "anonymize" text, although some people prefer to have their help noted in a "contributors" tag somewhere on the page after their signatures have been removed.

Some think wikis are somewhat anarchistic...to what extent is this true?

Almost completely, if that is what the site owner desires. -- BayleShanks

How often are instances of sabatoge to others works and comments? Ever? Why do they or don't they occur?

I've never seen this. I think it would be very difficult due to PeerReview. -- BayleShanks

The notion of the market place of ideas optimistically assumes that good ideas will triumph over bad ones through merit, in a process of open debate. Does this necessarily take place in wiki process? Doesn't the contest go to whatever party is willing to spend the most time at the keyboard?

A little bit, but every medium has this problem. -- BayleShanks

Since people have such similar interests here, people tend to get a long, right? There's no trick to getting along in a community where everyone essentially thinks alike. Maybe this wiki is just an artifact of self-selection on the Net?

I don't think everyone here thinks alike. It seems to me that people here are interested in broadly similar things but they have very different opinions on them. But who knows, maybe we do all think alike and everyone with different opinions is avoiding us. It would be hard to tell if that were the case. -- BayleShanks

How do you feel that your comments might eventually be written into something that bears no stamp of your original work?

Great. Here at least I have the assurance that if my comments are deemed valuable, they will contribute to whatever eventually takes their place (YouWillBeHeard). This is better than other mediums (for instance, on a discussion board or WebLog, valuable comments are often lost in the noise or become irrelevant as time goes on and the item to which the comments were attached recedes into the past). -- BayleShanks

Got some more questions for ya'll---

In terms of conflict and arguments, what does that entail? For instance, Bayle said he'd seen one conflict between two regulars-- about what?

Also, how do you think the wiki concept is going to change the internet...how practical is it?

Thanks! JulieLissner

The conflict I was referring to was over what was on-topic on this website and how a certain group of pages should be organized (ha, and you were expecting something exciting!). The wiki concept is extremely practical (as is evinced by the success of some of the current wikis) (imho wikis are more practical and simpler than many other forms of websites, they just haven't caught on yet) and will surely change the internet. -- BayleShanks

Thanks again for your help!!!!!!!!


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