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Karsten M. Self. Also known as kmself at a few sites including KuroShin and IWeThey?.

You can find me virtually at http://kmself.home.netcom.com/ or kmself@ix.netcom.com.

See also: KuroShin, SlashDot, CollaborativeFiltering, ScoopEngine, AnonymityVsPseudonymity.

What part of "Gestalt" don't you understand?


Re: StanfordUniversity?

Hm, last time I looked there was one other page referencing it (I have unlinked it, when I deleted StanfordUniversity). All it had was a reference to the BigGame (which as it turns out requires me to know about SFBayArea collegiate rivalries) and some alternate names: UcBerkeley and CalBerkeley. There is no way for me to add content since I know nothing about the place. For all I know, StanfordUniversity is a shallow page (see StyleGuide), therefore I deleted it. In my edit summary, however, I did say that as soon as there was more content, then by all means, bring the page back. How should I handle similar situations in the future? Should new pages be allowed to stay for a while, wether they are shallow or not? Should shallow pages not be deleted? -- AlexSchroeder

This was an attempt at a placeholder with some mild humor. As for content, some of the ideas I had in mind: LawrenceLessig, KennethArrow?, GoogleIndex?, and others, come to mind. Faculty, ideas, and related websites are likely additions/organization for the page. -- KarstenSelf 18 Apr 2001

Holy crap, Karsten. I go to a crazy riot for a weekend and then I get back and read your crazy ideas. I can't keep up, but keep up the good work! Very nifty. Have you read Rusty's unified moderation idea? -- SunirShah

/me grins

The Sub Queue thing was something I've needed to write for quite a while. Wiki was just the right place. I'll probably link it at K5 come Monday, so get ready for a landslide.

I don't think I've seen the Unified Moderation concept. Where's it at? -- KarstenSelf

First: My name is Sunir Shah. I am not Irish. I do not look I am Irish. I am not related to a famous playwrite. I am not Sunir Shaw.

Maybe you should consider a name change then. As I said, it's the brogue that keeps throwing me. Humor. Really. -- KarstenSelf

Second: http://www.kuro5hin.org/?op=comments&sid=2001/4/6/234524/8153&cid=20#20

Are you planning on finishing the submission queue stuff sooner rather than later? I'd rather spend my evening writing about Quebec City than kuro5hin, though I'd like to put in a few words. -- SunirShah

Sub Queue is going to be in progress, throw your verbage into the mix, I'm still thinking and processing input. Thanks for the link. Actually, it's pretty much the same thing as my core proposal regarding the moderation voting chanage. I'd expanded the discussion to detail some of the collateral damage, and related items which should be fixed. -- KarstenSelf

I don't want to keep running away from where all the people are.

I love that one, and your Web creation myth. As to organizing things like USENET, there's the Gnus [1] news and mail and everything reader. It can treat web sites such as slashdot and search results such as the one returned by glimpse as news [2][3]. And it supports all sorts of things to filter out spam, score people on your preferences [4], score articles on your own reading pattern [5], share spam notices with other people [6], whatever. There was a lesson in there for me: Eventhough it has a zillion ways to organize the data, all I ever do is a) look for interesting subjects in my favorite newsgroups, b) look for the names of my favorite authors and c) score down the worst offenders. Using Gnus to read news is an interesting experiment to see what you actually need. --AlexSchroeder

Thanks for the GNUS references. I knew emacs, once.... I've been using vi, mutt, and tin for most of my tasks for the past four or five years, have started picking up Emacs for some DocBook?, Python, and R work, so it's coming back to me. I don't particularly care for tin. It's slow, even on a local news server, the keybindings are inconsistant, filtering stinks, particularly as the killfile tends to get corrupted and/or randomly reorganize itself. Though it supports commented killfiles, the rewrites delete the comments. Ugh!

Oh wow! I didn't realize that GroupLens was incorporated into GNUs. This I have to check out. GL sounds very much like what I had proposed a few years back as a USENET v2, an inspriation behind my KuroShin work, and is something I've read about from time to time.

Hmmm...having trouble getting this up and running, possibly because I don't have gnus installed on my Debian box. Are you familiar with chaos? Aka SEMI-gnus? Nevermind, got it working. Though I'm going to have to mess with this some. I can get into things but not out again.

-- KarstenSelf 24 Apr 2001

I realize we differ on the issue of dating comments. Here's my deal: I won't add dates to your contributions if you'll stop deleting them from mine. I find temporal context extremely helpful. I will stop participating if you insist on doing this. I find it immensely annoying. I have stated before that I don't mind dropping dates for refactored material. Dropping dates is not of itself refactoring. -- KarstenSelf 1 May 2001

I conspicuously chose those pages as statements that I believed would survive the test of time. While the timestamping does irk me, I'm clearly not going to convince you with my winning smile. ;) I would like to make the statement that "I really like what you wrote," by electing to remove timestamps occasionally from what I consider to be pearls of wisdom, if you're alright with that? Clearly you can veto my decision.

By the way, I hope I'm not excessively offending you by using you as case history of how social norms work. I'm not offended by your choice, even if I disagree with it. -- SunirShah

Hmmm... So I'm timeless, am I? Does that mean my skin will forever bear the jealous flush of youth as well?....

I hadn't realized that was a compliment. I'd still prefer you didn't do it without indicating the refactoring somehow. As I've said, temporal context matters. -- KarstenSelf 13 May 2001

Noted. I'll leave a note on this page in the future. --ss

Frequently found these days on TWikIWeThey?: http://twiki.iwethey.org/twiki/bin/view/Main/ This is the latest (re)incarnation of what's become an eclectic collection of an eclectic group. Originally forming around the forums of InfoWorld? Electric (now a very pale shadow of its former self -- the forum's current incarnation is a sad joke). The group has held together as it's moved across three forum sites. It's currently self-hosted on forum software of its own writing at http://z.iwethey.org/forums There's also a mailing list (naturally) and a MUD ;-)


Hi, Karsten. How's things? --EvanProdromou


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