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I'm interested in markup languages and particulary fond of "smart ascii" kind of them (wiki amongst them).

One side of interest is purely academic: I see markup first of all as a kind of linguistic phenomenon which have much in common with writing conventions such as punctuation. And therefore some linguistic methods are applicable to anlysis of markup languages. Sounds much like a commonplace but are there actual linguistic treatments of (wiki) markup?

In particular, now I'm preparing a talk on several wiki dialects comparison in terms of linguistic typology (universals, implicational universals etc.). ([1], in Russian), Non-trivial results (if any) will be published here soon afterwards.

On the other side, I'm working woth documents in various markup languages and need to join them into collections for publishing. Here a full range of problems with document conversion constantly arises. Especially when multilingual and professional printing is in question.

So converter tools are the ultimate need and interest: more flexible, less error-prone, moderately complex to be understandable by a human...

If there's anyone here who's intersted in linguistic and semiotic treatment of wiki markup and underlying document models — I'll be happy to communicate. There's so much to be discussed!

Welcome to MeatBall, Kirill! While "linguistic and semiotic treatment" sounds far too complex for me to help you with, I'd certainly be most interested in reading any conclusions you come to :) -- ChrisPurcell

Kirill, welcome. I'm interested but not a expert. Within ProWiki we use a pretty standard markup dialect, but also extensions like CDML ([ProWikiCenter:CdmlElements]) and Vida (WikiVirtualData) markup. There are lots of language problems we've started to explore in WikiTechnicalGlossary. My linguistic connection is the Wiki:ThelopLanguage in connection with TheOgdenExperiment. -- HelmutLeitner



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