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This page is meant to list and discuss technical wiki terms. The goal is to grow a consistent expert language that can be used to talk about user interface and implementation issues unambiguously. As long as there is no consensus, definitions should be marked (multiple definitions expected).

Contributors (alphabetic): HelmutLeitner, ChrisPurcell, SunirShah

absolute page name
Why not "canonical"? -- ChrisPurcell


child page



faceted (tentative; non-essential; tree antonym: leaf)

flat (namespace or wiki)

leaf page (facet equivalent: unfaceted)

Proposed synthesis: A namespace is a map from a set of (relative) page names to a set of pages (ChrisPurcell)

node page (facet equivalent: faceted)


page group (facet equivalent: facet)

page list

page set

parent page

primary page (facet equivalent: root page)

relative page name

root page (tree equivalent: primary page)




Shatter (non-essential)

sibling page

sister page

sister site



top page

Is this a suggestion that wikis have jumped the shark and now have a JargonProblem? Or is this really an exploration of technical terms for complex new ideas like FacetWiki and FractalWiki? Wikis aren't this complicated. -- SunirShah

I was looking at it as for FacetWiki and FractalWiki, yes. -- ChrisPurcell

Maybe this is more in BrainstormMode? After elucidating all the terms, you might find a higher pattern to collect the various structured namespace wikis (i.e. Facetwiki and FractalWiki and StrikiWiki) together. (Say maybe on the page, StructuredNamespace? ;) -- SunirShah

Yes, that's the explicit goal. -- HelmutLeitner


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