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I am interested in applying Wiki to KnowledgeManagement? for organizations and companies. I have installed UseModWiki databases for a number of applications since May, 2001, and find them useful if geeky. My applications are mostly for team-brainstorming, and creating multi-dimensional hyperindexes to engineering development knowledge and file server documents. The users are mostly electrical engineers, computer programmers and technicians, so consequently they don't gripe much about lack of WYSIWYG or other niceties that you'd find in commodity software such as office automation.

I argue that once the electrical engineers and computer programmers get the WikiWikiWeb integrated into a useful geeky framework, that then we can go about packaging it with a frontend that makes it AppleStyleFriendly? and it also becomes a good information cataloguing tool for general business ues -- however, get the infrastructure working solidly first. --KirkKitchen

WikiIntegratedKnowledgeManagement <-- Proposed Diagram of Wiki-integrated Knowledge Management

see also: WebDav, [WebGlimpse] KmWiki



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