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LikePages is the name that WardCunningham of WikiWiki called StrikiWiki:RelatedPages. Consequently, that is the now popular term for it, no offense to JeroenMostert. It is a kind of IndexingScheme that searches for pages with titles that are similar to the name of the current page. Similarity is defined as all titles that start or end with the same WikiName as the title they're compared to.

Of course, in building an index, you would probably want to apply 2 different techniques:

You would want to ignore certain words, e.g.: words like "a" and "an" (which might loosely be considered external verbal clutter).

I think you should ignore every empty word --EmilioDavis

For that, you'd want to use a list of stopwords. --AristotlePagaltzis?

Martin Porter, e.g., offers a list of stopwords:


To be a little better, it's recommended to ignore, e.g.: (various?) prefixes and "s", "es", "ies", "ing" suffixes (which might loosely be considered internal verbal clutter).

For that, the best solution might be PorterStemming--or maybe the earlier LovinsStemming.

See also Wiki:LikePages, MetaWiki which implements LikePages for any indexed wiki (including this one).

See also MoinMoin:CategoryCategory?action=LikePages, originally implemented by RichardJones? mailto:richard@bizarsoftware.com.au based on ideas from Wiki:LikePages.



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